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How does NJ Birth Certificate look like?

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)

It is weird that none of us can remember our first day on earth. But in a way, it would be weird if we could remember it too. However, we do have people in our lives who remember that day. There are our parents who remember everything about that day. But if you have siblings who are a few years older than you, they might also remember the day of your birth. Some of your uncles and aunts, along with your godparents, will also have a vivid memory of that day. You can ask them about it whenever you want, and it will be just like experiencing it yourself. As for proof, you have your birth certificate to look at.

The State of New Jersey:

In 2017, the state of New Jersey was the second wealthiest in the US by median household income. But before you can see the current state of the state, it is important to take a look at its past. It was inhabited by Native Americans for almost three thousand years before the Dutch, and the Swedes came to the region and established European colonies there. Later, it was overtaken by the British who ruled over it until the American Revolutionary War. During the war, New Jersey became the site of several important battles.

The state is known for kickstarting the Industrial Revolution because of the factories that were opened in its six big cities. Its geographic location and proximity to New York City and Boston helped its rapid growth. The public school system in the state is known all over the US. It always ranks among the top school systems in the country. It is also known for having the highest number of millionaires per capita. The biggest city of New Jersey is Newark, which is known for being the home of various famous universities. Plenty of leading global companies also have their headquarters in Newark. The city is densely populated because of its economic growth. People from other regions of the state move to Newark to get better access to opportunities.

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NJ Birth Certificate Sample, How Does it Look Like:

Countries have to run a very complicated system of data storing. They cannot function properly if they do not have all the vital information about their citizens. This is why citizens are asked to submit information to the state. Every time a major change happens in the life of a citizen, they have to make the state aware of it. It can be a crime in some situations to withhold information from the state. For instance, if you do not file your taxes properly and hide information about your income, it will be considered fraud.

But when it comes to things like birth certificates, the data is valuable because it helps governments provide facilities to their citizens accordingly. If the state is not aware of the existence of a child, it won’t be able to fulfill its duties towards that citizen. In the US, people do not have to get in touch with the federal government to register a birth. Each state has its own setup related to vital records. In New Jersey, the Department of Health stores this data.

A New Jersey birth certificate sample will contain the following information:

  • Name and Gender of the Child.
  • Date and time of birth.
  • City and county where the birth took place.
  • Name of both parents.
  • Date when the document was filed.
  • Date of issuance.
  • Name of the city department that issued the record.

In some counties of New Jersey, a short certificate is also issued. It is an initial record of a child’s birth. It contains only a little information like the name and gender of the child, along with the time and date of birth. Although it is useful for a short time, it isn’t accepted by foreign officials and cannot be used to get a passport.

Translation of a Birth Certificate:

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Since your birth certificate is such an important document, you will need it at various points in your life. If you wish to immigrate to a different country, you will have to present this document. However, when you are going to show this piece of paper to foreign officials, you will need its translation. And you cannot get a simple translation for foreign authorities. You will need to get a certified translation. It is the type of linguistic service in which your translator will give you a signed statement that will work as proof that their work is accurate and complete.

Whether you are applying to a foreign university or for immigration, if English isn’t the official language in that country, you will need a certified translation of your New Jersey birth certificate. And such a translation can only be offered to you by highly experienced professionals. You cannot expect your bilingual friend to help you out with such problems. Find a reliable agency that has native experts on their team and ask them to provide a solution for your linguistic problem.

When you have the translated record, that’s when you will realize its true value. Because even in another country, it can help you out as long as you have its right translation. This is why our vital records are so important. They help not only the state but also us at various moments of our lives. Everyone must keep their vital records safe at all times.

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