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The Ultimate Immigration Checklist

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Immigration Checklist  

Immigration to the United States can be intimidating and confusing, especially if you’re new to the country or planning on moving elsewhere.

Here are some of the most common mistakes immigrants make when immigrating to the United States, as well as some tips on how to avoid them. To find a list of immigration terms, check out here.

This list will also include resources that will help you with every step of your immigration process and make it easier to understand what you need to do, from starting the application through actually moving into your new home in your new country!

General Guidelines

There are several documents you will need to apply for immigration, for example, the following: Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate.

Original documents should be obtained through your country’s embassy or consulate office. A police certificate and proof of relationship are also required. Get an affidavit form from your previous country’s embassy or consulate office.

Have fingerprints been done at one of the United States Department of Homeland Security registered facilities in your area? Gather evidence of enrollment, accommodation, employment in Canada, and all other necessary documents to prove that you have ties here (such as birth certificates). Foreign countries may require evidence of visas and lawful status.

Gather evidence of family composition by getting marriage certificates, birth certificates, and divorce decrees, if applicable. Gather school records such as diplomas, transcripts, report cards, etc.

Prepare any necessary visa applications ahead of time (as well as valid passports) so that once you have been approved, it will be easier to process them.

International students may have restrictions on their visas, but if they have lawful status, they may not need a green card, depending on what type of visa they currently hold.

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Key Eligibility Criteria

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a list of requirements that immigrants must meet to enter Canada to live there permanently. While not all immigrants need to follow these steps, they are essential for visa applicants and skilled workers.

The eligibility criteria are:

  1. Medical exam with specific vaccinations (if required)
  2. Evidence of accommodation
  3. Proof of employment for skilled workers
  4. Proof of school enrolment for students and visitors on a study permit or visitors from the U.S.
  5. Evidence of school enrolment for refugee claimants who plan on applying for permanent residency
  6. Evidence of immigration assistance, like an F-1 or J-1 visa, can indicate intent to immigrate, which may affect an applicant’s admissibility.

Immigration applications require patience, but following these guidelines will make it easier and more successful!

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Documents and Information Required for Different Visa Types

In addition to filling out forms and going through medical screening, a successful immigration checklist includes completing the necessary immigration history paperwork.

Your immigration history informs all U.S. immigration policies, so be sure you have copies of all necessary paperwork when filing for a visa.

The following information is needed to file a successful visa application: birth certificate, police certificates, marriage license (if applicable), divorce decrees (if relevant), financial statement, or offer letter (if possible).

For those applying for non-immigrant work or student visas in the U.S., keeping copies of your diploma, transcripts, and proof of enrollment is essential.

If you’re entering with an H1B or L1 visa, it’s also important to bring evidence that can prove the employer has made efforts to recruit Americans before hiring an international candidate. Also, find out the certified translation checklist.

A few other things to consider when applying for a U.S. visitor visa are: do you want a tourist or business type? Are there additional requirements if so?

Is it Possible to Get an Immigrant Visa through Adjustment of Status if My I-485 was Denied?

If you filed an I-485 and it was denied, then your only option is to apply for another immigrant visa. One of the most popular ways to do this is by submitting a petition with USCIS on Form I-360. Know more details about the Immigrant Visa Categories.

This can be done if you are currently in the United States while still awaiting removal proceedings or some other immigration process that was started before filing your Form I-485 or if you already left the United States after filing your Form I-485.

You may also be eligible for an immigrant visa if:
-Your criminal history is eligible for forgiveness, and you have been out of trouble for at least ten years.
-You were once charged with a crime but have been acquitted because of mental disability or lack of sanity.

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Staying in the U.S. as an Undocumented Immigrant

It is illegal to stay in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. Undocumented immigrants are not entitled to work permits, social security, or any federal or state financial assistance and do not have citizenship privileges.

If caught and convicted of being undocumented immigrants in the U.S., they will be fined heavily and deported with no chance of ever coming back again.

Being in the U.S. without a visa means risking deportation. To avoid this fate, you must know what steps to take to obtain your permanent residency status before your situation becomes too dire.

Fortunately, for many people in this position, there is a process for doing so! The first step is filing the application form and sending it off to USCIS (the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

They will review your application and then decide whether or not they believe you deserve permanent residency on humanitarian grounds. If so, they will contact you by mail with instructions on how best to proceed.


What documents are needed for immigration?

First, you will need to gather various documents. These include a photo I.D. and proof of your citizenship, such as a passport or birth certificate.

You will also need to show that you can support yourself financially, which may be done by providing bank statements or pay stubs for the last three months.

What are the checklist for citizenship application?

You can’t apply for U.S. citizenship without providing your name, address, birth date, place of birth, and the country where you want to become a citizen.

Other requirements may vary depending on your situation, and you can consult with an immigration lawyer to get their advice about the best way to proceed with your case.

What are the 4 types of immigration?

Non-immigrant (people who want to come and go freely)

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