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Achieving a dream is not a two-step process that leads you to the land of your wishes instantly. There are many steps along the way and none of them are easy. Many give up halfway through because they think it is futile to keep going. Only a few reaches the end of the journey. It isn’t just about the sacrifices people have to make for realizing their dreams, it is also the effort they have to put in to get to that place where they can reach out and grab their destiny. But like every other complicated thing, the journey towards achieving your dreams also start with something simple like planning.

Whatever your dreams might be, if you do not plan ahead and do your homework before starting your journey, you won’t get anywhere near achieving your goals. And you can’t plan well unless you do your research and find out all you can about the path you want to travel on. Whenever you go somewhere for a hike or for a family vacation, you look up that area online, book hotels, make a list of attractions and to-do stuff a while before starting the journey. You even make sure that there are gas stations along the way. You check for shortcuts to see if you can make the journey shorter. You make sure you will get reception on the road. If you don’t do all that, you can end up stranded in the middle of nowhere without reception and gas in your car.

Although the journey towards achieving your dreams may not exactly lead you to a place with no reception, it can become disastrous if you start it without doing research first. People who want to join a certain profession learn all there is to know about it so they can plan their life accordingly. If you want to become an astronomer but don’t take relevant classes in college, how will you fulfill your dream? This is why it is very important to do your homework before jumping into something.


US Visa and Its Types:


Many people dream of settling down in America and live the American Dream and many wish they can get to visit the country at least once in their life. Some want to study in the US while some want to work there. No matter what their purpose of the move, a lot of people in this world apply for a US visa at least once in their lifetime. A lot of times people’s visa application gets rejected. Sometimes the cause of rejection is serious like a criminal record. But sometimes the reason behind the rejection is that the applicant didn’t know enough about the process and applied with the wrong form.

There are so many types of US visa that anyone can get confused. But it is time for people to learn about the types of the US visa so they can know which one fits their requirements and should be applied for. There are two main types of visa: nonimmigrant visa and immigrant visa. But each type has further different types. Here is a look at the kind of visas that are available for the US:

  1. Nonimmigrant:

If you are looking for an option that will help you with temporary travel then this is the category you need. All the travel purposes that involve temporary commitments will fall under this category. Here are the most common options available in the nonimmigrant category:

  • Student Visa:

Whether you are going to the US on an exchange program or you got an admission in one of the American universities, you will need student visa to enter the category. When applying for the approval, you will have to present your academic documents along with your birth certificate. You will also need to submit the program approval entered in the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

  • Tourist:

Those who want a tourist visa won’t have to get approval from any US agency. They can apply with their personal documents and get their required paper in response.

Other options that fall under the nonimmigrant category include temporary worker, journalists, medical treatment, diplomat, business visitor, athlete, physician, performing artist, teacher etc.

  1. Immigrant:

All the types of visa that fall under this category are for people who want to permanently move to the US. Here are the most applied for immigrant visas:

  • Spouse:

The spouse of a US citizen can apply for an immigration visa. They will have to submit proof of their marriage to the US citizen along with other documents.

  • Intercountry Adoption:

When a US citizen adopt a child from another country, their adopted child will have to get a permanent visa. Documents about the kid’s background will have to be submitted to the visa office.

  • Interpreters/Translators:

Iraqi and Afghani interpreters who helped the US Army during the war can also apply for permanent US residence.

  • Employer Sponsored:

If your employer is sponsoring you, you will have to apply for permanent residence in that case too. You will have to submit relevant documents alongside your application and your visa will be granted.

Other options under this category include religious workers, family members of US citizens, diversity immigrant etc.

Anyone who wants to go to the US, whether permanently or temporary, must know all about the categories of visa and the types that fall under each category. This information will prove to be extremely beneficial when applying for your own visa.

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